US Green Building Council Sums Up Energy Savings

Tuesday, June 25 | 1:00 – 2:00pm

Being environmentally conscious is no longer an option; it's a responsibility. Our cities are becoming more and more populated every day and the resources for infrastructure are becoming more and more limited. As residents, as consumers, as business owners and employees, it's up to us to accept this responsibility. Fortunately, there are already systems in place to track our impact, minimize our consumption, and save us money.

The US Green Building Council - West Michigan Chapter will outline how their programs can do just that. All over the country, 2030 Districts are helping existing buildings and new construction set goals for energy efficiency. They offer free building audits and will work with you to create a strategic plan to reduce consumption and increase profitability. Attend this webinar to learn how your business can take advantage of this program. 

En Español a 2:30pm

Thank you to our Impact Series sponsors!

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