Thinking Outside the Box - Moving Your Business From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

Merriam-Webster defines greatness as “exceptionally high quality” and equates it to excellence, perfection and distinction.

When it comes to business, it is easy to think about bottom line profits, growth, scalability and outperforming the competition. While those are all important aspects, there are countless other factors that impact what can make a business great. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Art of Celebrated Service event, which featured speaker Bo Burlingham. Among multiple roles and accolades, Burlingham is the author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big. During his presentation, he discussed factors that impacted how he determined the companies that were highlighted in Small Giants. Here are three takeaways that I found to be very impactful:
We all have the power and opportunity to positively impact those around us, while holding fast to our vision and, in turn, being Good For Grand Rapids. As you review your performance this year and plan for 2018, keep these things in mind. We would love to hear what will you do to move the needle from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

  • Being big and being great are two different things - We need to recognize the difference. It is easy to take on the mindset that a business must be large to be successful, exceptional and impact those around them. When you take a step back, however, it is quite clear that this is not the case. Individuals have the opportunity to positively impact their colleagues, customers, suppliers and communities every day. No matter the size of the organization, we all have the opportunity to be distinct and excellent.

  • Be intentional and strategic with your decisions and planning. Once you have a vision, stand by it! Having a mission and purpose is crucial to your long-term success. You can liken it to having a road map. By being able to refer back to your vision and goals when new opportunities present themselves, it will make it easy to say, ‘yes, this is in line with our vision’ or ‘no, this isn’t a good fit for us’. It will also make for better team cohesion and communication.

  • Businesses help shape the community and must hold themselves to a higher standard. Whether it is through your actual products or services, charitable giving, volunteering or sustainability initiatives, we all have an impact on our community at large. This is something to be cognizant of. By being deliberate and intentional with your planning and actions, it can lead to a much further reach and impact that you may realize.

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