SDG ALLSTAR: EuzenConnect

May 28, 2021

EuzenConnect is a social impact start-up that works to connect employers to the robust talent pool in Michigan. They use the SDG Baseline and Action Manager to not only measure their own impacts, but as a tool for the employers with whom they work. Their programs target an underutilized talent pool and help employers create holistically welcoming environments for their new hires.

One of their recent programs specifically targets individuals experiencing homelessness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their goal with this and all their programs is to reduce the social capital gap and create new and lasting connections between network circles.

As a company in their first year, many of the things that they learned through going through the Baseline assessment serve as a road map for scaling their business and onboarding new employees of their own. They look forward to seeing more employers move towards a better business future.

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