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PFE Podcast - S2E6 Level Program by B Lab US & Canada w/ Cee Stanley and Andy Fyfe

Aug 23, 2022

Welcome to Episode 6 of Season 2 of the People First Economy Podcast! This episode covers a program developed by B Lab US & Canada called the LEVEL Program, a program created to for businesses that are led by people of color who identify as women. This program provides participating businesses the resources needed to: measure and improve their impact, tell their story, adopt legal stakeholder governance, and certify as a B Corp. Our Program Director, Alice Jasper, recorded this conversation with Andy Fyfe (Director of Equitable Growth at B Lab US & Canada) and Cee Stanley (Owner of Green Heffa Farms) both of which played a key role in creating this program.

B Lab US & Canada is one of six global partners of the B Lab global network. They foster and mobilize the growing community of people and businesses working towards a more fair and inclusive economy in the United States and Canada.

Green Heffa Farms is a 15 acre farm, a tea company, a natural health brand, an educational resource, and now a Certified B Corp.


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