alice and kathleen pfe pod

PFE Podcast - S2E5 Centering Place in Sustainability

Jul 29, 2022

Welcome to Episode 5 of Season 2 of the People First Economy Podcast. A podcast that brings insight into how our business community, and our partners are all working towards building and participating in a People First Economy. In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear our two directors here at PFE, Kathleen Roark and Alice Jasper, talk about about the meaning of PLACE and place-based movements (ie. localism, which has a focus of building stronger local communities, organizations, and over all a stronger local economy) and how it ties into the broader sustainability movement which aims to enhance businesses and greater society in a way that is better for all. Our two main programs at People First Economy (Local First of West Michigan and Good For Michigan) center both of these ideas, and they overlap in so many ways. We’re excited to bring you this conversation that highlights the concepts and ideas that fuel our work!

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