Mallowfields with Jessa Challa & Carla Siler-Maddalena

PFE Podcast - S2E2 Mallowfields with Jessa Challa & Carla Siler-Maddalena

Mar 31, 2022

Welcome to Episode 2 (Season 2) of the People First Economy Podcast ! In this episode you’ll hear a conversation between our host, Emmanuel Ibarra, and two founders from Mallowfields, Jessa Challa and Carla Siler-Maddalena. Mallowfields is an employee-owned software engineering company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who’ve just achieved their B Corp Certification. Listen to this podcast to some insight into why/how they achieved their B Corp status and how they’ve built out their business.

Check out Mallowfields at to learn more !

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