People for the planet: Valley City Electronic Recycling

Apr 22, 2019

By Lisset Burkett, Community Relations Representative, Stingray Advisory Group LLC

Ready to get a behind the scenes look at Valley City Electronic Recycling? Maybe you are wondering how they got started. What is their mission? And what can you expect during the tour?

See what Valley City Electronic Recycling president, Jason Kehr, and special projects coordinator, Jonathan Neracher have to say about this environmentally-friendly company and see why their mission is so crucial for our community!

What inspired the start of the company?

JK: “Valley City Electronic Recycling (VCER) began as an arm to a larger environmental company called Valley City Environmental Services (VCES). My guess is that the owners saw the need to prevent an ever-increasing number of electronics from going into the landfill. When VCES was sold they kept VCER as there was now a big enough market for it to stand alone as its own company."

What is VCER’s mission?

JK: "Being a good steward to the environment while also being a responsible corporate citizen and community member."

Why did you decide to pursue B Corp designation?

JK: "B Corp has been on my radar even before I bought the company 6+ years ago. I remember reading an article about Ben and Jerry’s and the people-planet-profit model of doing business really resonated with me. Valley City is a natural fit for B Corp due to the way we conduct business and the space that we are in."

What do you value about participating with the Good For Michigan initiative?

JN: "We see the Good For Michigan initiative as an engaging way to encourage businesses to consider the people-planet-profit approach to their operations. We value the tools and resources that Good For Michigan provides to local B Corps and any business or organization that is even considering taking the steps to obtain a B Corp certification. We are proud to support the initiative in any way we can - not to mention that fact that our business thrives on people acting with environmental well-being in mind."

What can attendees expect to learn and see during the tour?

JN: "Attendees can expect to learn about the struggles the recycling industry is facing in the wake of China’s National Sword policy, the benefits of hiring returning citizens, the level of certification that goes into running an electronics recycling operation, how VCER maximizes value with the use of manual separation and equipment sorting, and most importantly, what happens to your old electronics when you get rid of them."

We're so excited to get a behind the scenes tour. VCER has been a part of our community for over 40 years! Together we can all do our part to reduce waste in our community!

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