Kevin Lum

PFE Podcast - S2E9 Sacred Economy Part II with Kathleen Roark and Kevin Lum

Dec 17, 2022

Welcome to the People First Economy Podcast, a podcast where we talk with business leaders and movement builders who are building a people first economy.

In this episode of the People First Economy Podcast you’ll hear part 2 of our Sacred Economy conversation, hosted again by the PFE Director of Community Engagement, Kathleen Roark. In part 1, Kathleen spoke with Rabbi David about the research he conducted through a multi-faith lens to the commonality within the various religious perspectives to learn how to participate in and build up a Sacred Economy.

In Part 2, you’ll hear Kathleen and Kevin Lum, founder of Foundry Financial, talk about what is means to be a spiritual entrepreneur, about the importance of understanding of where your money is going and living your values through your spending, and how you can use your purchasing power to support the kind of world & economy that cares for people.


Foundry Financial and Retirement Made Simple

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