Measure What Matters: Mosby’s Popcorn

This blog post is part of Local First’s Measure What Matters series, where we interview businesses that have taken the Quick Impact Assessment, and learn about how the assessment has helped them use their business as a force for good and be Good for Grand Rapids.

Mosby’s Popcorn was founded in 2016, fueled by a love for popcorn, kids and family. Brian and Denise Mosby, owners of Mosby’s Popcorn, originally got their idea for starting a popcorn business from a family member who also owned a popcorn business. At this time, the Mosby family was already running an inflatables business for school events and thought selling popcorn would be another way to connect with local schools.

Mosby’s Popcorn is located on Kalamazoo Avenue and crafts a variety of popcorn flavors – everything from Grand Rapids-inspired beer cheese to pineapple to cheesecake to caramel. Brian and Denise use their business to give back to the community by hosting fundraisers, facilitating backpack giveaways and school supply drives, and donating popcorn and gift certificates to local schools and churches.

Brian and Denise learned about the Quick Impact Assessment (QIA) and Good for Grand Rapids through their Local First membership. They said the QIA has helped them analyze their business more closely and understand the needs of their business.

“The Quick Impact Assessment allowed us to look at how we have grown over the last two years and gave us some ideas for what we can build on,” said Denise. “The biggest takeaway was learning about the positive impact of being involved in our community and being part of social change. The assessment also helped us reinforce the positive culture in our business and the relationship between and our community and our employees.”

One of the most valuable lessons Denise and Brian learned from taking the QIA was how to simplify their mission statement. After recently going through a rebranding process, Denise and Brian felt it was important to fine-tune their mission. The combination of the rebranding process and taking the QIA helped Mosby’s Popcorn identify what matters most in their business model.

“We have a great product and have a following, and now that we’re two years in, we’re ready to grow our business,” said Denise. “This process helped us think about the positive impact our business can have and showed us areas where we can focus our growth.”

One piece of advice Denise has for other businesses taking the QIA is to be comfortable with saying, “I don’t know.” She said that the QIA is a great tool for identifying your business’ strengths and areas where you can gain more knowledge.

“Your business is only as strong as the community and customers that support you,” said Denise. “The Quick Impact Assessment is an important tool for helping you understand your business and getting to know your customers and community. Community involvement has played a huge part in our success and the Quick Impact Assessment has helped us get to know our community on a deeper level.”

Interested in learning how your business performs against best practices on employee, community and environmental impact? Take the Quick Impact Assessment today to learn how much good your business is doing for the local economy and community.

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