Measure What Matters: Hemp Solutions

This blog post is part of Local First’s Measure What Matters series, where we interview Local First Members who have taken the Quick Impact Assessment, and learn about how the assessment has helped them use their business as a force for good and be Good for Grand Rapids.

Hemp Solutions USA is changing the way people think about using materials that are good for people and the planet through its sustainable and eco-friendly hemp-based products. Founded in 2011 in Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, Hemp Solutions USA is dedicated to helping protect the planet and future generations. Today, Hemp Solutions USA is headquartered in Wyoming, MI and sells and distributes hemp-based products including animal bedding, construction materials such as hemp-crete and more. 

“We are dedicated to driving positive change in the world by creating products that are good for our planet and people,” said James Novak, founding and managing director of Hemp Solutions USA. “We’re all about creating a healthier world by producing hemp-based materials and educating communities about the benefits of using hemp-based products.”

Hemp Solutions USA has locations across the United States. They give back to local communities by hosting workshops and events about using hemp-based products to make a positive environmental and social impact.

Earlier this year, Hemp Solutions USA hosted a workshop in Rochester, N.Y. on building with hemp-crete, which is a carbon-negative building material used for “Platinum LEED certified” homes around the world. Hemp Solutions USA also provided materials for an Earth Day event at Dr. Bronners Soap Company in California where 75,000 people learned how to make environmentally friendly homes using hemp-crete.

“Through our educational events and workshops, we’re teaching local communities about the importance of shifting to Earth-friendly materials and how to live a healthier, more sustainable life,” said Novak. “We are very focused on permaculture and making a positive impact, and these events bring together the whole-listic community and teach people that they have an important role in protecting our planet for generations to come.”

Having deep Native American roots, Novak explained that Hemp Solutions is committed to working with Native American communities on teaching them about hemp products.  

“My business partners and I are all proud of our Native American roots and are here to bring our events to the Native American Communities across the United States,” said Novak. “We are already working with over 80 tribes in Alaska with our hemp growing medium being used for microgreens. It’s all about the positive impact!”

Hemp Solutions became a Local First member this year. Novak took Local First’s Quick Impact Assessment just recently to become a part of Good for Grand Rapids. He encourages all businesses to take the Quick Impact Assessment to learn how they can use their business as a force for good and become a role model in the community.

“Hemp Solutions is thrilled to be recognized as Good for Grand Rapids,” said Novak. “It’s amazing to see other businesses in the community stepping up and being recognized as ‘Good for Grand Rapids’ and dedicating their business to making a positive social and environmental impact.”

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