Measure What Matters: At Your Service Valet

This blog post is part of Local First’s Measure What Matters series, where we interview businesses that have taken the Quick Impact Assessment, and learn about how the assessment has helped them use their business as a force for good and be Good for Grand Rapids.

At Your Service Valet has been “driving service forward” since 2008. Founded by Chris Young and John Levandowski while attending college, At Your Service Valet is a full service parking company that offers a variety of services, including valet for private parties, black tie galas, hospital guest services, hotel and visitor parking, parking lot consulting and management, and everything in between. Outstanding service is at the heart of At Your Service Valet – they are committed to paying close attention to detail, being professional and friendly, and exceeding expectations.

At Your Service Valet employs 60 people across four locations in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Flint and Traverse City. From the time a guest pulls up to an event to the time they leave, At Your Service Valet ensures a high-quality parking experience. At Your Service Valet is dedicated to having a positive impact on the communities they serve, which is why they recently took the Quick Impact Assessment to become Good for Grand Rapids.

“As a small business, we do our best to be involved in the community and find ways to make a positive impact,” said Ariel Christy, administrative and events manager for At Your Service Valet. “It wasn’t until we took the Quick Impact Assessment when we realized how many more opportunities there were to make a positive difference in our community that we weren’t aware of. Becoming Good for Grand Rapids has helped us be more conscious as a business and tackle items like drafting a mission statement.”

The Quick Impact Assessment helped At Your Service Valet take inventory of their strengths and identify areas where they could grow. Since most of At Your Service Valet’s business model relies on technology, like smart phones and texting, they have a small carbon footprint. The Quick Impact Assessment also helped At Your Service Valet find opportunities to bring the mission of Good to Grand Rapids to other communities that they serve.

“The Quick Impact Assessment has provided a benchmark for our company,” said Christy. “It also helped us clarify our mission statement and identify ways to drive it home to our employees. We’re looking forward to using this as a tool to see what works for our business and how we can use these tools to motivate and inspire our employees.”

At Your Service Valet is a longtime Local First member and continues to give back to the community in a number of ways, including donating parking services for Local First’s Annual Meeting each year. At Your Service Valet also donates parking services to various nonprofits in the community and encourages employees to volunteer at organizations like the Humane Society.

“What’s really inspiring about Good for Grand Rapids is that we can expand these ideas to our employees and our other locations,” said Christy. “It’s important for our employees to feel good about where they work and have an opportunity to give back to their community.  We hope we can take the knowledge we’ve gained and apply it in Grand Rapids and everywhere we work and grow.”

For businesses that are considering taking the Quick Impact Assessment, Christy offers a few words of advice.

“Don’t be intimidated by the Quick Impact Assessment and answer as much as you can. This assessment is a great tool for creating benchmarks for your business and finding out where you can improve,” said Christy. “It’s really inspiring to see all the other businesses that have joined Good for Grand Rapids. This movement is a great way to promote doing good in our community.”

Interested in learning how your business performs against best practices on employee, community and environmental impact? Take the Quick Impact Assessment today to learn how much good your business is doing for the local economy and community.

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