How to Find More Time in Your Day

Nov 13, 2019

When working with clients, one common issue that comes up is that there isn’t enough time in the day. While we can’t make more time, we can help clients determine where their time and energy is best spent. Making time for yourself will keep you energized, improve creativity, and help you avoid burnout. Who doesn’t want that?

In honor of the recent Self-Care Awareness month and in preparation for the coming new year, this is a great time to review what you have on your plate. Once you know, you can look at what can be delegated.

Here are five tips for starting to delegate –

Step 1: Take a moment to review your current responsibilities and commitments and write them all down. Tip: This may take a little time, and that’s okay. It can be helpful to use an app, a small notepad, or even a voice recorder to keep track on the go easily.

Step 2: Once you have your list, separate it into tasks that are essential and nonessential. Essential tasks are those that must be done for your business to continue functioning. Nonessential tasks are items that may be important but are not time-sensitive or could even be a waste of time. Tip: Eliminating nonessential, irrelevant tasks will save you time right away!

Step 3: For any essential tasks that you do not need to handle personally, begin documenting the steps and resources needed to complete the task. This will create a standard operating procedure. Tip: Your standard operating procedure will also be your training guide and a coaching tool when you begin delegating.

Step 4: Determine the best team member to take over your task. Tip: It is best to obtain your team member’s buy-in before tasking them with new responsibilities.

Step 5: Check-in. Once you have allowed your team member to take ownership of their new responsibilities, be sure to follow up, address any questions/concerns, and request their feedback on the transition. By remaining accessible and present, it can help ensure a smooth transition.

The next time you find yourself about to take on another task, step back and ask yourself, ‘am I the best person or only person that can handle this’. If the answer is no, you have the perfect opportunity to try delegating!

We’d love to hear how you’ve successfully delegated and what you’ve learned along the way!



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