May 25, 2021

Mallowfields is an employee-owned, corporate republic, software engineering company. Each employee-owner has equal voting rights and equal access to company legal and financial records. Even before the company started, the founders knew they wanted to champion values such as transparency, fair and equal pay, and the democratic process. 

By empowering employees in this way, a culture of trust and accountability within the company continuously evolves, while simultaneously and intentionally addressing discrimination and underrepresentation in the tech industry. 

Mallowfields strives to go beyond creating employment happiness and has built an infrastructure to support employee-owners as whole people. Uncapped vacation time provides a healthy work-life balance, daily pulse checks allow space for emotional well-being and empathy, and a crowd-sourced catalog of resources gives employee-owners a guidebook for navigating stress.

As they formalize more internal policies that guarantee the health and wellbeing of the company, they look forward to getting plugged into a network of other businesses that are creating positive change.

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