GOOD FOR WORKFORCE: Crystal Mountain

May 13, 2022

What started as a school project to find the best place for a ski hill in Benzie County has now become a four-season resort and one of the largest employers in Northern Michigan. As such, Crystal Mountain took the B Impact Assessment as a way to learn how the resort can be a responsible steward of human, natural, and economic resources.

One of the ways they put their people first is by making sure their staff are getting enough fun and activity out of their day. As a policy, each employee has unlimited free access to everything the resort has to offer: skiing, swimming, fitness center, and more. Employees are rewarded for taking advantage of this perk as well. Each activity they do earns them points for gift cards and other swag.

Employee culture is centered around healthy conversation and ideation. One of their current conversations is becoming the first B Corp certified ski resort in Michigan. Having the first LEED-certified spa in the Midwest, they already have a good start along with a dedicated team working on the fastest and most intentional path to this goal.

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