GOOD FOR GOVERANCE: FlexTech Education

May 27, 2021

FlexTech Education is a teacher-powered education consulting company. They provide professional development to schools that want to offer project-based learning experiences to students. Their hands-on curriculum is rooted in real-world problems that mirror the way we live and work.

They aim to bring awareness to and address the disparities that impact families in the K-12 education system while creating opportunities for more students to engage in a successful learning journey. Going through the assessment gave them insight on how to create safe spaces and build relationships while emphasizing their role in shaping and influencing education policy.

As a staff of five, each employee has a deep investment in the company. Their democratic governance structure allows each to participate in the vision and aspirations of the business as a FlexTech Education Advisor. They operate with transparency in all decisions and have a formal process for new and evolving initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and equity in the workplace. As they grow, they’ll use what they learned in the assessment to preserve these and other values and principles. 

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