GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT: Walker-Miller Energy

May 24, 2021

Walker-Miller Energy is Detroit-based, Black Woman-owned energy efficiency contractor. They design and implement programs for utility companies that are seeking to provide energy savings to their customers. They are a values-driven company that strives to empower people and uplift communities and believe that energy efficiency equally addresses a social and environmental need.

Their programs enter communities with intentional humility. Understanding that the residents will know most about what they need, Walker-Miller Energy provides the support and assistance to both decrease harmful greenhouse gas emissions and increase economic opportunity. They work at the city and state level to advocate for everything from better lightbulbs to deeper systems change.

Walker-Miller Energy took the assessment as a way to quantify and verify that they were doing what they set out to do. They wanted to set themselves apart by having a global benchmark confirm and stand by their efforts. As a tool for goal setting, the assessment has helped them identify more things they can institutionalize and is helping inform them on how to grow their team.

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