Spring into Habits that Put People First

Raise your hand if you love Spring! The days are getting longer and you don’t have to bundle up (as much). Your strategies are being implemented and there’s more time to fine-tune the details. The first quarter is wrapping up and you feel like you’re finally getting a handle on the new year. It’s a time of emergence and renewed energy. Your to-do lists start shifting and you look at the world through freshly-thawed eyes.

If you’ve been following Good For Michigan for a while, you know we partner with businesses that prioritize social and environmental justice. Being Good For Michigan means that a business has assessed, benchmarked, and set goals to get to a better business future.

You might not know it, but your business could already be creating social prosperity, environmental reciprocity, and a more equitable world for future generations. It’s not about perfection; it’s about the steps you take towards better practices.

This is key to remember after coming off of years like 2020 and 2021, where a pandemic changed entire business structures. Circumstances accelerated conversations surrounding how we value and steward our natural and human resources in the world of work.

We've learned that building a People First Economy takes more than a single action, one time. Fortunately, it also doesn't have to be as overwhelming as changing everything all at once. We encourage you to instead think about singular actions as the beginning of forming a habit. A good habit. 

Here are three opportunities to spring into starting, measuring, and furthering your sustainability journey:

Businesses that are good for the environment monitor their stewardship, utilities, natural resource usage, emissions, and supply chain and distribution channels. But these practices do not need to be implemented all at once. Start today by measuring your current practice. Likely, you’ve already implemented some practices worthy of celebrating. Who can help with environmental habits?


No matter how you define community, we all understand the value of instilling positive impacts on the communities we operate in and hire from. You may be good for your community if you prioritize inclusion and accessibility efforts, job creation, supplier relations, charitable giving, community services, and local involvement in your business practice. Who can help with community-building habits?


The pandemic has brought about a renewed appreciation for our workforce. Contributions to employee well-being, such as compensation and benefits, training, health and safety, and job flexibility can make a huge difference in staff loyalty and satisfaction. What is your business already doing to care for your people? In what ways can you deepen your human resource practices? Who can help with workforce strengthening habits?


























What else is good and new for Good For Michigan and People First Economy

May 9- 13 the Good For Michigan Awards is back! Follow along as Good For Michigan honors businesses that measure their sustainability and make the biggest impact in five award categories: Environment, Community, Workforce, Governance, and SDG All-Star.


The 3rd annual Local First Independents Week comes back at the end of June. Celebrate local, independent businesses and opportunities to localize your 4th of July weekend.


We’re inspired by the habits our cohort participants have created! These groups of businesses are building communities of practice all over the state of Michigan. Learn more 


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