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The journey to a regenerative economy starts with measuring your own impact. Depending on where you are in yours, you can use one or both of these measurement tools. To become Good For Michigan, you must complete the SDG Baseline or finish at least 25% of the B Impact Assessment. To stay Good For Michigan, you must retake either assessment every two years. 

If you need help at any point in these assessments, please email us!

Take the SDG Baseline or

the B Impact Assessment

Not sure which is right for you? Learn more about each assessment below.

The SDG Action Manager is a free online tool that is designed to help business set and achieve measurable, positive goals in comprehensive sustainability. It includes an initial Baseline assessment of 25-35 questions depending on the industry and size of business. This tool also recommends which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) your business has the most opportunity to contribute a solution. After completing the Baseline, your company will be able to access the rest of the 17 SDG modules and will receive a report that outlines where it excels, has areas for growth, and give it pathways to that growth. 

The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is another free online assessment tool that measures and categorizes the impact of your business in the following areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Customers, and Environment. This assessment can be used to help companies guide their sustainability efforts. The BIA is also what Certified B Corps™ complete in order to receive B Corp Certification™.

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