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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Good For Michigan?

Good For Michigan inspires, equips and celebrates companies that create high-quality jobs, stronger communities and a healthier Great Lakes region. It offers resources and best practices for sustainability and social good. Good for Michigan welcomes and encourages all companies to participate, regardless of local ownership, size or location. 

How is Local First involved in the Good For Michigan campaign?

Local First is West Michigan’s leading resource for companies looking to make a positive impact in their community. Through Good For Michigan, Local First is equipping businesses with the tools they need to use their business as a force for good, and celebrating them for making a positive impact in the community.

Why should my company participate in Good For Michigan?

Good For Michigan brings together a growing number of companies with a demonstrated commitment to positive environmental and social change. Any company that is interested in learning how to make a positive social and environmental impact in the community is welcome to participate. 

How does my company participate in Good For Michigan?

Good For Michigan offers opportunities and resources for businesses that want to learn and do more. These include educational workshops and networking events - more information coming soon at We also encourage all companies to take the Quick Impact Assessment where any business can get a snapshot that measures and quantifies the positive impact they’re making in their local community - for free! 

What is the Quick Impact Assessment?

To help businesses grow and improve, Local First pioneered a Quick Impact Assessment (QIA). This is a 60-minute assessment that measures dozens of best practices on employee, community and environmental impact. Business owners can also see how they stack up with other businesses nationally.  

This assessment is ideal for businesses that are interested in learning about how they can use their business to make a positive social and environmental impact in their community.  

What do I need to take the QIA?

Have basic knowledge of:

  • Business structure, policies, and history 
  • Energy consumption and waste management practices 
  • Frequent vendors and suppliers

What type of business can participate in Good For Michigan?

We encourage businesses of all sizes and industries to participate. A diverse range of West Michigan businesses are already participating in Good For Michigan, from an engineering firm to a brewery to restaurants to a housing development company to design firms and more.   

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