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Good Business Matters

What we do

Good For Michigan brings together and recognizes companies across Michigan that are making a positive impact on their employees, their community, and the environment. This initiative offers resources and best practices for sustainable and social good. Good For Michigan is proud to be the B Local for the state. B Locals are place-based communities of people using business as a force for good.

How we do it

Measure current impacts

Businesses that are Good For Michigan have quantified the impacts their business makes on the community, the environment, their employees, and their governance structure. They use the SDG Baseline or the B Impact Assessment as a roadmap to a better future.

► Measure your impact

Speak to neighborhood and business associations

There is a robust network of entrepreneur support organizations in Michigan, all responsible for their own community of businesses. Good For Michigan works with dozens of these organizations to give them the tools necessary to lead their businesses into a powerful global movement towards a regenerative economy.

► Host a hackathon

Gather and provide resources to help improve impacts

As we build relationships across Michigan, we also meet organizations that can help businesses improve on their measured impacts. Learn more about each impact area:

Community // Customers // Environment // Employees // Governance

► Become a Good For Michigan resource

Our History


Local First launched the Good for Grand Rapids campaign. Its goal was to recognize companies making a measurable, positive contribution to Grand Rapids. During its first year, roughly 70 businesses took the Quick Impact Assessment. Of these, eight top-scoring businesses were selected to receive the Good for Grand Rapids Awards at the first annual awards ceremony.

2017 Press Conference

2018 Brand Launch


Since then, the campaign has grown into a separate, statewide initiative now known as Good For Michigan. Businesses all over Michigan are using the QIA to measure what matters: their impact on the community, their employees, and the environment.

Click here to see a list of the current Good For Michigan businesses.


2019 Annual Report

The Good For Michigan program gains traction and continues to support businesses in their sustainability journey. Check out a few highlights in the Annual Report.

  • Increase in participation across the state
  • More than a dozen industries represented
  • Growing B Corps in Michigan
  • B Corp speaker tour
  • Workshop series recap
  • and more!


In January 2020, our partners at B Lab and the United Nations launched the SDG Action Manager, a free online tool that is designed to help businesses set and achieve measurable, positive goals in comprehensive sustainability. Good For Michigan aligned with this global tool and now uses it to help Good For Michigan businesses benchmark and track their success.

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